We keep seeing them in fashion, art and interior design.
Maybe it´s because they add personality, colour and style.
Maybe it´s because they make the ceiling appear higher.
Maybe it´s simply because they are timeless
All we know is we love the stripes from Stripes@HOME

Stripes can communicate. The French historian Michel Pastoureau has written a whole book about the symbolic of stripes throughout the western history. Because stripes are not just stripes, but a way to create associations and moods by – also at home. 

The Stripes@HOME wallpaper collection from 2018 offers a large selection of stripes in both classic and modern style. Stripes are always popular and timeless. This is the reason that we have assembled a various selection of stripes in one collection so that the customer always has a big choice.   

This versatile collection represents seven different stripes, where many of them can be combined with themselves or together with the broad complement of plains. The collection is based on 49 wallpapers in 6 different striped designs plus a uni-colored selection with a pencil thin stripe, “Hidden Stripes”. The “uni-colored” wallpapers all have a background color that matches one of the stripes which makes it possible to combine a stripe with a uni-colored wall. FIONA-designer Maciej Wojcicki has with delicacy defined stripes and colours, so they will be tailormade for your home.  

The possibilities are almost infinite. 

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