Six Senses

A bold collection for the daring human. Six designs which appeals to your urge of being out of the ordinary. As a one-wall accent to smooth plain uni colours, or maximum impact in the whole room – you decide.

If you dare.

A collection that is slightly out of the ordinary. Six shades each with six wallpapers that all play on your senses – the Six Senses. 

The collection has been created by the designer Maciej Wojcicki in cooperation with Flügger’s Executive Vice President and CDO Ulf Schnack, and is based on six hand-drawn graphic patterns. The wallpapers are available in matt watercolours and more striking accent colours, and most of them incorporate various techniques and effects that take the wallpapers to a new level. 

When considering the wallpapers individually, you can really appreciate the craftsmanship and commitment that has gone into the collection, and which gives the wallpapers a special sense of warmth and depth. 

The colours in the collection are clearly distinct from the other Fiona collections. Here, the wallpapers in the golden and dark shades are particularly eye-catching, as they offer a completely different creative look to the neutral shades that are generally found in Scandinavian homes. 

It is a collection that will continue to surprise the more you immerse yourself in each individual wallpaper. A lot of work has gone into developing several different techniques and effects. On some of the wallpapers, raw grains of sand have been used, which almost gives the papers a 3D effect, while metal, gold and silver effects have been used on others. On the Softness White wallpaper, some of the pattern even features a foam effect to make it feel softer than the rest of the wallpaper surface. 

The wallpaper collection is intended for single-family houses and flats. It is the perfect addition to the modern home that lacks a bit of edge, but it can also be used to create a clash between the classic and the modern. Thus, the wallpapers are perfect for using on one or two walls in a room – for example to decorate an end wall. 

Six Senses is a collection that spans from neutral shades to extremely eye-catching designs, and which will appeal to everyone with a creative gene. 

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