Nordic Compositions

A symphony of delicate hand drawn patterns in coordinated colour schemes which appears different in different angles are presented in our bestselling collection from 2018. Nordic Compositions tells a story from our Nordic heritage. Which story do you want to tell?

Before an author writes a novel, before an artist creates a sculpture, before a theatre director stages a play – a composition is needed. An idea of what will make up their creative works.  
This is also the case when we create a new wallpaper collection. Together, all the wallpapers must be perceived as something complete. Not necessarily something perfect, but something which tells a story.  

Nordic contrasts  
Our work has resulted in a collection full of contrasts.  
You will find wallpapers which are botanical, and others that are industrial. Some which are richly detailed, and some which are simple. Some soft, and some raw. Some light, and some dark.  
However, in looking more closely at the collection, you will also discover how these contrasts are linked by special colours that draw associations to our Nordic heritage. A heritage that is also founded on contrasts.  

Your home is your work  
In Nordic Compositions, you will find an important source of inspiration for your own personal composition. A composition which does not need to be perfect, but which above all needs to be you.  
Which story do you want to tell?  
Designs: The collection contains of six designs, spread out into 40 references 
Delicate Fern    
Whispering Branch    
In Bloom 
Nordic Baroque 

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