Fiona Home NW

Fiona HOME provides a complete range of 60 references for every dry room in your house or apartment. Developed to meet the highest quality demands from the professional markets.

Inspired by the fashion industry and with I twinkle in the eye, we have created an exclusive wallpaper collection with designers Dorte Dee April Agergaard and Caroline Warlev. 

With a range of different colours and patterns the collection offers enough diversity to decorate every rook in a house while still maintaining continuity in the elegant overall style and feel. By tapping into the latest trends and using luxury details such as copper we are giving you the chance to decorate a complete home in harmony by lifting wallpaper design to a new level.  

Fiona HOME is one of our collections specially developed to meet the highest quality demands from the Scandinavian professional markets with extraordinary features for a profitable and rational hanging, such as: 

  • Full opacity – no need to paint previous wall due to colour differences 
  • 11,2 meter long – 4 lanes per roll even if pattern match 
  • Straight or no match – never offset 
  • Edges cut for seamless joints 
  • Mat forgiving texture, conceals minor unevenness  
  • High washability – 3 waves 
  • Grease resistant – special treatment on surface