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New Year 2019 Fiona Wall design launches a new collection that has its roots in the historical heritage. The title is ”Heritage”. As the name suggests, Fiona wall design has found the inspiration to the collection in its archives. The result is a collection of wall paper designs where old designs are reprinted or new designs are inspired by motives in the old wallpaper books. 

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Nordic Compositions

A symphony of delicate hand drawn patterns in coordinated colour schemes which appears different in different angles are presented in our bestselling collection from 2018. Nordic Compositions tells a story from our Nordic heritage. Which story do you want to tell?

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Little World

Little world is a global success since it was launched in 2016. The playfulness in designs appeals the children in all of us. Try out and create a space in your life where you can dream away – to the Little world.

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We keep seeing them in fashion, art and interior design. 
Maybe it´s because they add personality, colour and style.  
Maybe it´s because they make the ceiling appear higher.  
Maybe it´s simply because they are timeless 
All we know is we love the stripes from Stripes@HOME

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A bold collection for the daring human. Six designs which appeals to your urge of being out of the ordinary. As a one-wall accent to smooth plain uni colours, or maximum impact in the whole room – you decide. 

If you dare.

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Ocean Colours


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Botanic Garden

An exquisite collection of exclusive delicate patterns inspired by the impressions in our nature. Take a walk through Fiona Botanic Garden and feel embraced.

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Royal Classic

Fiona long running success Royal Classic from 2013 has enhanced many rooms worldwide. Powerful in colouring and designs provides elegance even to non-Royal homes.

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