Meet our designers


Maciej Wojcicki

Maciek Wojcicki is the in-house chief designer of Fiona wall design. In addition to the collections he creates from cradle to grave, for instance Six Senses and Stripes@HOME, he transforms ideas, patterns and colours from external designers into the universe of producing wallpaper.                       


Helene Blanche

Helene is a famous Danish designer of wallpaper and textile. Inspiration comes from  the details she sees walking in nature, a branch, a leaf or a flower. The impression gets drawn by hand and the process of creating delicate patterns has started. 

Collections designed for Fiona wall design:
Nordic Leaves*, Nordic Blossom*, Nordic Home* and Botanic Garden 

*Not on the market any longer.                  


Dorte Dee April Agergaard

Dorte Dee April Agergaard, a well-known Danish designer who never leaves home without her camera. What is caught by the lens she transforms into playful designs for wallpaper and textile. She excels in the combination of photography and digital printing, which gave Fiona yet a new dimension with matching pillows to the collection Prestige 

Collections designed for Fiona wall design:
Prestige textile*, Personal Stripes* & Fiona Home NW 

*Not on the market any longer. 


Dominika Cierplikowska

As I have been drawing since childhood, choosing Art School was a natural choice for me. I finished Comprehensive Art School, Katarzyna Kobro in Zdunska Wola in 2006 and continued at Nicolaus Copernicus university, Fine School of Arts, with a Master of Arts in 2013. I took at particular interest in drawing with the pencil from my 3rd year at University as it shows every twitch of the hand and therefore all emotions from creator.  

After graduation I moved to Tri-City which was supposed to be a stopover on the way to Norway. I have always dreamed about drawing and designing in Scandinavia and in a way my dream came true when I was employed at Fiona in 2014. Before this, I was employed as a graphic designer at the biggest fashion company in PL, LPP designing graphic designs and patterns on clothing. 

I come from a small town which probably makes me quite sensible to Nature. I very often use motifs of plants and animals in my illustrations and usually use the colors of the Earth.  

For some time I tried to do drawings on my tablet, but the digital image was arguing with my feelings during the process. The smell of paper, the texture, my favorite pencil can never replace the digital work. My momentary loss of reason quickly passed and I returned to the white paper and my pencil. Today I make 90 % of my artworks by hand compromising by coloring them in graphics program. I am lucky being born in an analog time and brought up end of 80ies beginning of 90ies. Having a physical copy of my work is more important than the file on a disk. It is also associated to some kind of respect that I have for old photographs and objects as tangible traces of the people who created them. In the same way, I want to approach my creativeness and want to leave traces of my work.  

Collections designed for Fiona wall design:
Little World 

About Little world:  
When I was drawing the designs for Little World, the inner child in me woke up. I think it is a gift that allows me to look boldly at the world. The “Little World” of our children is greater than we can imagine. I want to take you to a place full of color, dreams and everything that seems impossible to us. This collection is the fulfillment of my dream. What is yours ?   

Teija Bruhn

A Swedish designer who grew up in northernmost Finland. Teija is an expert in wallpaper and textile design, which interacts well with her own design idiom. Over the years, she has developed a wide range of wallpapers for Decor Maison. Teija is no foreigner to the world at large, having designed for several Japanese customers over the past almost 17 years. However, her passion is the Nordic design heritage, the hallmarks of her work being durability and reflection.  

Colour scheme:  
Teija draws her inspiration from nature – particularly the intensely colourful but short seasons that characterise the Nordic region. Here, changing colours dominate. From cold, soft colours in winter to the explosion of colour in the spring, summer and autumn.  

Collections designed for Fiona wall design:
Living NW, Nordic Compositions