Fiona - The Story

Fiona origin
Fiona wall design is one of the leading wallpaper brands in Europe, and also one of the oldest.
With a heritage from 1897 when it was founded at the island of Fyn, Denmark, Scandinavia. Fiona, which is latin for Fyn, has it’s roots in the strong tradition of Danish art, design and literature

The founder and artist P.L. Brønner was from the very beginning dedicated to the importance of using the best materials, meaning he produced his own print ink and glue, which lead to that Fiona already in beginning of 20th century became the first wall paper company in Denmark who could guarantee light proof wall paper.

Fiona – a part of Flügger group
This quality awareness lead to that the family owned paint producer Flügger A/S bought Fiona in 1984. The history of Fiona and Flügger follows each other. Flügger was founded in Denmark in 1890 and has developed from paint producer to be one of the largest deco paint producer, together with wide distribution through the chain Flügger farve, in Scandinavia. 

Today Flügger distributes its products through a net of more than 500 shops in Europe and China. Because of the self-owned distribution net Flügger has developed its independence by ensuring that core business is produced within the Flügger group, and with the purchase of Fiona, so even wall paper. 

Design and environment
The core business of Fiona today is design and production of wallpaper and paintables/wall covering made from glass fibre, paper or non-woven material.

All products today are produced in our factory Gdansk, Poland.  We use both screen print and gravure print. The factory in Gdansk opened in 2010 and is one of the most modern wallpaper factories in Europe. It is certified according to ISO 14001, together with the other sites of Flügger group. We use only water borne printing ink and coating in wall paper production, no PVC by choice. 

We design and launch 2-3 collections per year, using booth external and in-house designers, capturing the essence of modern living in timeless innovative design. Often we use the nature and special Nordic light as inspiration, shown by integrated effects of mat and glossy contrasts together with metallic and mica
Efficient and flexible production
The production line runs double width – producing twice as much per hour. This way the average capacity of the factory is one new roll every 8 seconds. 

Though the efficiency we are a small scale flexible producer with high grade of adaptability towards our distributors expectations. 
Own mix collections of Fiona standard portfolio or individual private label solutions are always within reach. Our CAD/CAM computer enables us to meet the customers’ individual demand in terms of colors and patterns.

We do not compromise with the quality in paper, print and evenness in production.
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